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Article Writing As A Promotional Tool

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Article writing as a promotional tool has both its rabid fans and serious detractors.  Some say it can make you rich, others say it doesn’t work. One thing for sure, if I wanted to explore article marketing, I wouldn’t take advice from someone who couldn’t get it to work for them.  If you’re going to investigate article marketing, study material from someone who makes money from it.

Two Ways To Use Article Writing

The first way to use article marketing is to use your article writing to drive traffic to your website or blog.   Here’s how this works: when you write an article, you submit it to article directories like Ezinearticles.com or or GoArticles.com.  When you submit your article, you include what is known as a resource box.  In the resource box, you write a short bio and list the URL of your website or blog.  You also grant permission for the directory to distribute your article at no charge to users, provided your resource box and article are printed unchanged. 

Publishers of all sorts; bloggers, webmasters, magazine and newspaper editors, regularly scan article directories looking for fresh, original content for their publications.  If they see your article and like it, they are free to copy your article, provided that they do not change anything, and give you credit for the article. Article writing in your area of expertise does three things for you: first, it establishes your credibility as an expert in your field.  To be viewed as an expert, of course, you must actually know what you are talking about and present your case clearly.  Secondly, when your article is published, the link back to your website gives you an incoming, one-way link, which helps your search engine placement.  Thirdly, the link drives traffic to your website.  

The second way to use article writing is in affiliate marketing.  In this type of marketing, one writes articles to promote a product or service.  The article includes the writers affiliate link, and if the reader clicks the link and buys the product, the writer earns a commission. 

Does Article Marketing Still Work?

Detractors of article writing say that is is no longer effective as a marketing tool.  A couple of years ago, one could write an article and post the same article all over the internet, changing not a sentence.  But, Google changed all that when they instituted their duplicate content penalty. Google discovered that their search results pages were crammed with the same content, from writers submitting the same article to multiple directories.  In an attempt to give searchers a variety of results on a topic, Google began to reject content that was duplicated elsewhere on the internet.

Whenever Google changes something, the market groans and then reacts.  Suddenly, software developers came up with ways around the duplicate content penalty.  They created software which would search the web and bring together bits and pieces of articles on a particular topic (summarizers & aggregators).  Then, they developed software that would replace a certain percentage of words in the article with synonyms (spinners).  Suddenly, article writing became automated.  Would-be article marketers embraced the new technologies, and began using spinners to turn one well-written article into dozens or hundreds of poorly-written articles which could all be submitted to directories.

The effect of aggregated and spun articles on searchers could have been predicted: the information presented was, in many cases, absolutely worthless.  But, consider this: articles that are well-written, timely, and keyword-oriented can show up on the first page of Google within hours.  Why?  Because people are looking for the information.  Article writing still works well for those who give thoughtful consideration to their articles, assemble them correctly, and distribute them effectively.

Originally posted 2011-03-09 11:04:00.

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