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Video Marketing Basics

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Keeping up with trends in internet marketing can be challenging.  One of the recent bandwagons that many people are jumping on is video marketing.  Video is everywhere, and for good reason.  Written messages do not carry the persuasive weight of a well-produced video.  Delivering your message content in more than one medium satisfies the different learning styles that people have.  Not everyone learns well through reading; some people learn better by hearing a message, some by seeing pictures of the message process.  The combination of video marketing with the written and spoken word is powerful indeed.

Note my statement above: “well-produced video”.  Some that try video marketing would be better off to leave video alone.  Just because one has the ability to make a video, doesn’t mean that one should make a video.  Video that is poorly scripted, has poor sound quality, and numerous background distractions is best left alone.  In 2010, we’re all accustomed to high-quality video and audio and most of us have a low tolerance for crappy productions.  We’ll switch off a video as quickly as we’ll change the channel on our televisions.

Having said that, let me say that you don’t have to be a genius to employ video marketing..  Many website videos come directly from YouTube, and are embedded in the web page.  Once once knows what they are going to write about, it only takes about an hour or so per page to browse through the YouTube offerings on the subject, and chose the ones that add something to the discussion.  For someone who is interested in learning more about one of these page topics, browsing the videos on these pages will save them hours of searching for information.  Also, having these videos on the page along with the written content will keep some visitors on the page longer, which will help in the page ranking and SEO.

For those interested in trying video marketing, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars or have a degree in film production.  The easiest way to create video is to use YouTubes ‘Quick Capture’ feature. To use this feature, simply attach a webcam to your PC, and click the ‘Quick Capture’ button on your YouTube profile page. Your video will be shot without the need for expensive equipment or video editing software. This format is the perfect way to shoot videos quickly, and to build a relationship with your viewers.  Instant video marketing!       

Once you have your video, don’t settle for publishing just on YouTube.  Expand your video marketing by publishing on as many video sites as you can, and link them all back to your site.  That way, your one-way, inbound links will increase and your search engine rankings may improve.  You can quickly easily (and for free) distribute your videos to the top 15 video sites by using a service called Tube Mogul.  If your video gets traffic on the video sites, you will get a corresponding increase in traffic to your own website.

Originally posted 2011-03-09 10:53:00.

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